On July 5, SINOTRUK QINGDAO HEAVY INDUSTRY CO., LTD ( SQHIC ) delivered a total of 34 street washing vehicles together with the 6 units finished before to the Hong Kong SAR Government. The design and manufacture of the entire vehicle was completed independently by SINOTRUK: the chassis is based on SINOTRUK T5G and meets the requirements of the Hong Kong SAR Government. The design of the cab and the vehicle body working mechanism are carried out by SQHIC.


     The Hong Kong Street Washing Vehicle Project was first issued by the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department of the Hong Kong SAR Government in 2016. It has put forward many requirements for vehicle emission standards, steering directions (right hand driving), stability and manufacturing processes. With the support of DCH Holdings, SINOTRUK actively participated in the competition with many European brands and won the bid.


    During the R&D process, the SQHIC design team made detailed arrangements for vehicle design, component development preparation, and prototype production. From the text prompts on the buttons to the high and low pressure cleaning functions, all of them have been carefully designed. The new product not only has high and low pressure cleaning function, but also with low self weight. Now it not only realizes high and low pressure conversion to bring effective water saving, but also realizes 100m automatic reel remote operation, which greatly reduces the work intensity of the operators and meets the humanization and efficiency needs.




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