In 1954,the only “automotive-repair-workshop” in Qingdao was set up and a close relationship was established with the China Automotive Industry since then. The photo shows a ceremony for the first “Fengshou” brand tricycle prototype, participated by Mr. Li Mu, the former Mayor of Qingdao Municipal Government.
From the end of 1950s to early 1960s, tricycles, tractors, trucks and motorcycles were trial-manufactured successfully.
In 1960s, military modified vehicle and weapon equipment were produced, such as QD402 military equipment repair vehicle, radar repair vehicle, military cross-country car and 122 howitzer and so on.
In 1967, the first mining dump truck QD351 was manufactured by SINOTRUK Qingdao.
In 1980,the first ”Huanghe” QD352 dump truck with 8tons payload was trial-manufactured successfully and produced in large numbers in domestic market.
In the same year, the first mining dump truck was exported to Tanzania.
In 1984, SINOTRUK Qingdao became one of the subsidiaries of China National Heavy-duty Truck Corp (hereafter referred as SINOTRUK Group) and specialized in heavy-duty trucks and special vehicles.
In 1985, the first SKD assembly Styer dump truck went off line.
From the end of 1980s to early 1990s, high value-added special trucks and special purpose vehicle were begun to research and develop. Six new kinds of special truck were created to achieve the glorious history of SINOTRUK Qingdao in the industry. This is the first crank ladder aerial vehicle of China co-produced by Britain Siemon Company and SINOTRUK Qingdao.
Shen chengshao,the secretary of Airforce engineering department in JINAN Military,came to visit us on 10.Dec.1992.
Yu zhengsheng,the secretary of municipal Party committee in QingDdao,came to inspect and guide our work,on 20.Feb.1995.
Zhang huilai,the standing committee of Shandong province,visted us on 14.Aug.1998
He guangyuan,the secretary of china electrical and mechanicalservices department,on 23.Otc.1998.
SINOTRUK Qingdao researched and developed the first concrete pump truck in China cooperated with Germany SCHWING.
The first all-hydraulic car carrier vehicle in China was manufactured by SINOTRUK Qingdao. SINOTRUK Qingdao researched and developed the first electrified high-altitude operation car by cooperating with America Altec, and the first large airplane tractor by cooperating with Chinese Academy of Agricultural Mechanization Sciences.
SINOTRUK Qingdao produced China first all-hydraulic road block removal truck.
In 2008, SINOTRUK Qingdao production volume reach 10,000 units.
SINOTRUK Qingdao main products.
In 2011, SINOTRUK Qingdao move to the new manufacturing base, which occupies 870,000 square meters and the total output can reach 20,000 units annual, and change company name from “Special Truck Company,CNHTC” to “SINOTRUK Qingdao Heavy Industry Co.,Ltd”. From then on, SINOTRUK Qingdao expanded its product range and the excavator products was made and sell into the market.
Now, being more active and more professional, SINOTRUK Qingdao will keep open for the global cooperation and competition honestly with the friend from all over the world.